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1)    Passion for writing:  Having something to write about
The first step in becoming a published artist no matter what your art may be is to have something to create or write about.  I stand corrected that is part of the first step, along with having something to write about you have to be passionate about what it is you are creating.  By definition passion is considered to be a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.  Passion is an emotion that drives us to do what it truly is that we desire.  If you are not passionate about what it is you have created, how can your audience be enthusiastic about viewing your work?  So remember, believe in you and be passionate about following your dreams, and that desire shall mold itself into your greatest creation.
2)    Determine your Target Audience
What does it mean to determine your target audience?  Your target audience Is your expected group or planned persons in which your work will be marketed to.  For example: High School Students ages 14-18, Black Males 50 and above.
3)    Research different publishing companies/ or self publish.
Utilize all of your resource when researching the best way to publish your work.  The internet is a very powerful in researching publishing techniques and companies.  Be sure to check each company or organization with the Better Business Bureau (
4)    Editing
Editing is very essential once you have completed the first draft of your manuscript.  Once you have decided if you are going to self-publish or submit your manuscript to a major publishing firm you will be provided with editing options.  Please be sure to use language that your target audience can relate to and understand.  Let your intelligence shine through by making sure that your content, dialect, and punctuation are correct.  This is your masterpiece.
5)    Copyright – Go to this website as we will discuss the various copyright forms and understanding what copyright is.  It is paramount to have your work copy written before you submit any thing to any publication or publishing firm.  Having your work registered will provide you with you legal support of your work in the case that some one plagiarizes what your creativity has given birth to.
6)    International Standard Book Number (ISBN) / European Article Number (EAN) – Another major step to completing the book publishing process is to understand and obtain the ISBN and EAN (European Article Number) Bar Code.  The ISBN and EAN go hand in hand as you need the ISBN to register your work with the US IBSN Agency, R.R. Bowker.  To obtain your EAN after you have been assigned an ISBN(s) for your masterpiece go to the following website to obtain and learn more about the EAN, .  The EAN is the bar code you see on most if not all of the published books you would see at Barnes & Noble and or other bookstores.  The information within this bar code will provide retailers and distributors information about your book such as title, author, publisher, and pricing info.  There is so much information, I advise you to take your time and learn as much as possible before you move on to the next step.
7)    Select Publishing Direction
The first thing to do here is select your top 3 choices compare them and remember to check their status with the Better Business Bureau ( The selection process is not as hard as it may seem, it is all about what it is you desire to do with your work upon its completion.  Different things to look for are accessibility to your audience:  (1) How and where will my book be available for purchase.  (2) What is the amount for production per book? (3) Will the book be print-on-demand or will there be warehouse fees and what are the fees?  (4)  Who sets the price of the book?  (5) Can I submit my own design and art for the cover and interior of my book and what is the fee?  (6) Also, be sure that the companies you select are personable and professional.  This process can be very stressful if you are talking to machines instead of people.  Remember to be patient and make the best choice for you.  And be sure before signing any contract with any company you have completely understand the rights, responsibilities, procedures, and policies of that company and the contract issued to you.  If you are not able to understand the fine print I highly advise that you seek and attorney to review and explain with you what each piece of that contract means.   
8)    Marketing
Be amongst the people.  When marketing learn what drives the interest of your target audience.  Promote to their liking yet never under respect yourself and what your work is worth.
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