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A Children's book written by Rennell Parker, Sr / Illustrated by Daphne Williamson
I Can Do It! displays the growth and development of Daddy's Princess as she shows Mommy and Daddy that she's a big girl and is growing to be quite independent. Travel with us along on our morning routine as Daddy's Princess does her own thing.
Paperback Price: $10.00
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                                              Price:  $12.00
Daphne, Williamson, Illustrator, Artist, Paint, Picture, Portrait, Draw                                                                              
 Meet the Illustrator: 
 Daphne Williamson - Founder of Precious Potraits
Daphne Williamson, born and raised in St. Louis, MO, has been drawing since she can remember. Her natural talent was recognized at an early age and showed great resemblance of the talent from her father. Daphne managed to take almost every art class throughout her school years and even taking one more than once because there were not any more to take in order to maintain her skills and learn new ones. As an early adult she decided to take her talents to another level by starting her own business doing hand-drawn portraits for others, in order to put light on her name as well as her gift. Moving on from project to project, she continues to share her passion for drawing and taking new endeavors with those she loves and loves her. After the accomplishment of completing the illustrations of her first children's book, she looks forward to doing more and more in the future.
Feel free to contact Daphne for your Artistic needs:

Poetically Inspiring All Women to Smile
A small collection of poetry designed to be read daily by every woman to encourage her to Empower herself and smile even in the midst of a storm. As her positive energy influences the smile within others.
Paperback Price: $10
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Speak Up, Speak Out...Shout If You Have To! (2nd Edition)
The 2nd Edition of Speak Up, Speak Out… Shout If You Have To!, allows the audience to witness his growth and psychologically travel his journey through poetry.
Paperback Price: $10
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E-Book Price: $3.95
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Speak Up, Speak Out...Shout If You Have To!
Order your copy of Rennell "Random Thought" Parker's first published book of poetry to add to your book collection or Coffee Table display.  Witness the essence of poetry in it's purest form.
Price: Discontinued

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